Rider Route Maps

downlaodable files to come!

Below are the Strava the routes for each day of the tour - from Strava you can download the GPX or TCX files.  We will also post zip files with the routes before the ride which may be an easier option for people.  We will have the routes with us too so if you need them during the Tour we can easily load them onto your Garmin.

On Day 8 there is also the option of adding the Avoriaz climb to the end of the day.  This is a 30km loop with 880m of climb.  As you have to ride past the hotel to get to the bottom of the climb we created a separate route!  www.strava.com/routes/2645987

2015 download route filesRider Rour

We will.  They are available for Garmin bike computers in TCX and GPX formats. Click on the link below to download the appropriate file.

Epic GPX

Epic TCX

Stage 1 GPX

Stage 1 TCX

Stage 2 GPX

Stage 2 TCX

Stage 3 GPX

Stage 3 TCX