Partners overview

A unique opportunity to forge lasting partnerships

Bringing together the mobile and healthcare sectors, the mHealth Grand Tour is a unique opportunity to forge lasting partnerships and to demonstrate how innovative solutions have the potential to transform healthcare.

There are a number of different partnership options available and a programme of activities for sponsors that allow you to take advantage of the opportunities the mHealth Grand Tour can provide.

Central to the tour is a 2100km cycling challenge through the best of Belgium, Germany, France and Spain, starting with a kick off event in Brussels and ending with a charity event in Barcelona. This inspiring challenge will provide a unique and high profile platform to communicate the opportunity for mHealth.

Partnering with the mHealth Grand Tour gives you the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate thought leadership in mHealth
  • Position your company as a pioneer, driving innovation in mobile healthcare
  • Showcase new connected healthy-living and/or chronic disease management products and services
  • Network with mobile and healthcare players
  • Participate as one of the corporate ride teams
  • Promote corporate social responsibility through raising funds for charities and research foundations


Participation and Sponsorship Opportunities

There are several routes for ensuring your company gets the most out of this exciting initiative, from event sponsorship to rider entry, there is an option that will best meet your objectives.

Sponsorship is the only way to ensure that your brand is associated with, and promoted throughout the event. Not only this, with your sponsorship the event will be bigger, better and further reaching - with the aim of reaching a global audience, not just telecoms and mobile healthcare, but the wider community of doctors, physicians and patients too.

For companies that have their own connected/healthcare solutions we are encouraging live product trials, demonstrations and awareness both before and during the ride. If you have technologies that either encourage active living or help in the management of diabetes that you would like to demonstrate or include in the ride please contact organiser@mhealthtour.com and we will happily discuss possible options.

Contact organiser@mhealthtour.com for further details on sponsorship opportunities.


Why should you get involved in the mHealth Grand Tour

The mHealth Grand Tour will enable the mobile and healthcare sectors to vividly showcase how mHealth solutions can empower patients to manage their illnesses.

It also provides an opportunity for companies to share their perspectives and insights on the opportunities and barriers to bringing new solutions to market.

Moreover, the Tour will provide an unconventional, but stimulating, networking environment, in which participants can exchange ideas and better understand different perspectives. From this process, there is the tantalising possibility of realising something new that makes a real difference for millions of people.

How exactly will participating companies benefit?

Before, during and after the mHealth Grand Tour, we will be running a coordinated PR campaign demonstrating mHealth solutions and raising awareness of how mobile technologies can help in the prevention and management of diabetes.

We will be working with the International Diabetes Federation and its partners to shape and deliver these messages.

In more detail, the mHealth Grand Tour is an opportunity to:

  • Leverage a widespread promotional campaign around an inspirational and innovative endurance event focused on diabetes and mobile healthcare;
  • Demonstrate ground-breaking innovation and position your company as a thought leader in mobile healthcare;
  • Catalyse and promote collaboration and partnership in the field of mHealth;
  • Provide a number of your employees with the opportunity to take part in an unforgettable team-building experience that will forge lasting professional and personal relationships based on shared experiences;
  • And demonstrate your support for an event that will raise significant funds for diabetes charities and diabetes research.


How can companies get involved?

There are a number of ways for companies to get involved.

  • Take one of our sponsorship packages
  • Provide mHealth technologies and solutions for us to showcase
  • Enter a team of riders to complete the event
  • Promote the event to employees and have one or more of them take part in a charity team.


A number of sponsorship options are available for the mHealth Grand Tour. We are committed to doing all we can to both deliver an excellent event and to raise awareness about diabetes and the potential of mobile technologies to be part of the solution. Sponsorship will enable us to maximise the potential of the mHealth Tour and help us realise our goal of raising funds for diabetes charities.

For details on sponsorship contact organiser@mhealthtour.com