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Three Classic Rides, One Grand Tour

A challenging ride evoking the spirit of a cultural Grand Tour

The Tour is an epic ride across Europe.  From Brussels to Geneva stopping in Paris on the way, we will all visit some of the most beautiful parts of Europe, mix fantastic riding with a little culture and take the opportunity to sample some of the culinary delights on route.

You can ride the whole Tour, or one or two of the three-day stages.  Each stage has some great riding. From pavé in the north to climbing in the high alps, the route is varied and challenging.  The ride is also intended to be fabulous experience, incorporating breathtaking scenery, quiet country roads and the opportunity to sample fabulous food and wine.  And, in the spirit of the Grand Tours of old, we have also designed the ride to take in the outstanding cultural sights, including five World Heritage sites on the way. 

However, it isn’t just a bike ride – it is also the opportunity to help improve the lives of people with diabetes, showing what is possible for people with diabetes and demonstrating how innovative technical solutions can address the challenge of managing diabetes.  During the Tour a number of leading global technology companies including Orange, Dexcom and Samsung and some innovative technology start-up companies will implement a unique technical solution to support riders during the tour.

Through our partnership with IDF Europe the Tour also works with experts in diabetes, exercise physiology, technology companies, healthcare professionals and patients to learn, share, educate, develop and deploy solutions and knowledge to help people manage their diabetes, liberating them to lead active lifestyles.

Challenging but achievable, the 2015 mHealth Grand Tour will be an experience of a lifetime.

2015 Route Details

Brussels to Geneva via Paris
A 1,500km route with 22,000m of climb from Brussels to Geneva via Paris. It will be an epic journey that takes riders through two capital cities, over the pavé of Northern France, past five World Heritage sites and into the high alps.

Options to get involved

There are options that suit the needs of all riders.

The different ways of taking part in the Tour give everyone the chance to participate and to enjoy the experience.  There are three different ways you can participate: 

  • The epic – where you ride the entire distance from Brussels to Geneva.
  • The stage – riders ride one or more of the three stages.
  • The relay – riders share the riding each day with a buddy, either for a stage or the whole distance.

The Epic is the ultimate challenge.  At 1,500km of riding and nearly 22,000m of ascent over 9 days.  It is a big challenge but massively rewarding for the people that complete the entire ride.

Not everyone can spare the time for the whole trip.  For those people that don't have time for the Epic they can complete one of the stages or two of the stages. Each stage is a big challenge on it’s own but gives people a great opportunity to ride through some of the most beautiful and scenic countryside and cities in Europe.  

The days are long some people would prefer to share the load with a buddy rather than ride full days.  The relay option allows riders to share the riding for a day.  The riding is still tough but the distances should be more manageable for riders less confident in their ability to push out the miles.

Whatever option is chosen the Tour will be a challenge and a great experience!

How much does it cost

Epic and Stage costs

Outlined in this section are the costs for the different Tour options.  The Tour is all-inclusive, the only costs not included are the cost of getting to the event and home at the end.

In 2015 the mHealth Grand Tour is discounting Epic places for people with Type 1 diabetes.  Any rider with Type 1 diabetes can register for a discounted place.


Brussels to Geneva
9 days riding
1 rest day
11 nights accommodation
€2,705.00 £2,150.00
Type 1 Riders
9 days riding
1 rest day
11 nights accommodation
€2,325.00 £1,830.00
Stage 1:
Brussels to Paris
3 days riding
3 nights accommodation
€800.00 £630.00
Stage 2:
Paris to Belfort
3 days riding
3 nights accommodation
€800.00 £630.00
Stage 3:
Belfort to Geneva
3 days riding
4 nights accommodation
€965.00 £760.00
JDRF Stage 1:
Brussels to Paris
inc. 1 night Paris
3 days riding
4 nights accommodation
Fundraising Commitment
€N/A £99.00

Extra Night
Stage 1
Extra Night
Stage 2
Single Room
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

The costs for single room supplements and for any extra night accommodation are charged at cost, these options (and the costs) will be made available before the final balance is due.  There is no deposit required for these options.

Notes on Prices and Options

  1. A 25% deposit is required on registration to secure your place.  The balance is due 8 weeks prior to the event.
  2. Accommodation and dinner on the 2nd September (the night before the ride starts) is included for Epic and Stage 1 riders. 
  3. Accommodation and dinner on the 6th September is included for riders starting on Stage 2 and 9th September for those starting Stage 3.  All riders need to ‘register’ the night before their stage starts.
  4. Riders completing two of the 3 stages (e.g. 1&2 or 2&3) should select this option in registration as this automatically include the extra night at the end of the first stage completed.
  5. Final night.  For all riders participating on stage 3 of the ride we include the costs accommodation and a celebratory dinner on the 12th September in Geneva
  6. Extra nights: For riders finishing in Stage 1 or Stage 2 accommodation at the end of the last day is not included automatically.  If you would like to travel home the following day then there is the option to book an extra night 
  7. Single Room Supplements:  We have a limited number of single rooms available (standard accommodation is a twin room). These vary depending on the charges we get from the hotels so will vary by stage.  The single room supplement will be confirmed prior to the final balance being due.
  8. Discounted Epic places for riders with Type 1 diabetes.  A number of places have been reserved for riders with Type 1 diabetes. These are available on a first come, first served, basis.  Medical certificates will be required prior to the start of the ride.
  9. JDRF places include an extra night in Paris on the 5th September.  A £99.00 deposit is required to secure a place and a commitment to raise £1,300.00 for JDRF UK.  Options to extend Stage 1 to include Stage 2 or Stage 2&3 are available.

What's included in the cost

Our focus is on giving the riders the best possible experience.  That starts before the ride, when we will provide training advice and guidance, and will continue right through to the end, where we will have a celebration dinner.

Included in the costs are:

  • Hotel accommodation (prices based on sharing a twin room) 
  • Luggage transfer between hotels
  • A signed route each day
  • GPX / TCX route files
  • Full medical and physio support
  • Feed / lunch stops with drinks and food
  • Sports drinks and nutrition
  • Support vehicles on the road at all times
  • Mechanical support on route
  • Day bag for all participants
  • Training guidance for all abilities
  • Final night celebratory dinner



Accommodation on route will be mainly comfortable 3/4 star hotels in city centres.  However, there are a couple of nights when we will be staying in fairly rural areas.  To sleep and feed everyone, our team has searched out the best accommodation available, including smaller boutique hotels. 


Support Team

We have a great support team to allow you to make the most of the experience. The support team look after the hotels, transfer your luggage, organise lunch and feed stops, provide physio and first aid support and generally take care of all of you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

Signing and Guiding

We will be signing the full route each day to allow riders to go at  their own pace. We also be provinding GPX and TCX files of the route so riders can track their progress. Our guides will be the road to encourage, support and help everyone taking part so if you are worried about navigation you can keep with the guides and they will help you along the route.

Medical Support

We have a Doctor with us at all times on the Tour. They look after emergencies, can prescribe medication and help deal with any issues that may arise.  We also have physios to look after the biomechanical issues and to deal with any niggling injuries.  As well as the specialists many of the crew are qualified and experienced first aiders with years of experience supporting cycle tours.

Diabetes Support

There will be quite a few riders on the Tour that have diabetes.  Whilst we realise that diabetes is a very individual condition and needs to be managed by the person with diabetes, we have a team of that is experienced at  supporting riders with diabetes helping them stay safe and well during the tour.  Our partners Dexcom also have CGM devices and sensors available for people that want them to help with the management of their diabetes on the Tour.


Getting the right fuel on board is important!  We organise dinner and breakfast in the hotels.  On the road, we have ‘standing’ feed stops in the morning and the afternoon and a ‘sit down’ lunch.  The feed stops have everything you need from energy products and hydration drinks, fruit, nuts, jelly babies.   Lunch is more substantial with pasta salad, sandwiches or soup on cold days.

Mechanical Support

We have some great mechanics to keep you and your bike on the road.  We also carry a range of standard spares (that we can provide at cost).  


We will help people with transfers from airports and train stations.

Bike Boxes

We understand that people flying in for the event will want to use bike boxes to protect their bikes.  We will transfer boxes from the point you arrive to the point you leave the Tour.  

Transfer Information For Each Stage

Not for profit

Raising awareness and funds for diabetes

The Diabetes Grand Tour is being delivered on a not-for-profit basis.


The Diabetes Grand Tour is a not-for-profit activity.  We are dependent on corporate sponsorship and the generosity of our suppliers to deliver the event.

Any funding we raise, beyond that needed to deliver the event, will be donated to diabetes causes.  We hope this donation will be substantial.


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